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Nanotechnology Solutions

The fields of semiconductor / electronics / biotechnology / MEMS / microfabrication / materials / energy, etc., where nanoscale technology is applied, are constantly evolving to meet the needs of developing industries. With a foundation based on the technologies behind ultra-precision positioning, we support the development of science and technology related to nanotechnology and advanced manufacturing industries.

Business Activities

Strengths of THK Precision

  • 01 millionths of a millimeter

    Nanometer-order ultra-precision positioning is highly realized by understanding the characteristics of the actuators that drive the source and the sensors that measure displacement, and by matching the mechanisms and control circuits that incorporate them as a single system. We have a diverse lineup of these basic elements, selected and combined according to the purpose, to meet the needs of positioning and force sensing.

    Control 1/1,000,000 mm
  • 02 Made in Japan and developed in-house to support customization

    One of our strengths as a stage maker is that our products are made in Japan and developed in-house, which means we can design and manufacture custom products that meet the individual requirements of our customers. We present an initial conceptual drawing based on the specifications requested at the initial meeting, and finalize the drawing after making additions and revisions. If necessary, a technical representative will be present to determine whether the project can be handled or not and to discuss alternatives directly with the client.

    Made in Japan and developed in-house to support customization
  • 03 20 years of experience and reliability as THK Group

    We are a group company of THK Corporation, a manufacturer of machine element parts. Although not large in size as a stand-alone company, the THK Group can handle and support all regions in Japan. Product inquiries can also be directed to the THK sales office in your area and will be answered by THK Precision or THK.

    20 years of experience and reliability as THK Group