Corporate Philosophy

THK Precision contributes to the development of the industry by creating customer satisfaction based on elemental technology centered on precision positioning.

  • To meet customer requirements

    We strive to deepen and expand our precision positioning technology, and as a company supporting the practical application of technology and manufacturing industry, we aim to be a development-oriented company based on product strength and technical strength with stable quality supply and flexible response capabilities.

  • Improve customer requirements and customer satisfaction

    To supply products that meet customers' expectations and requirements, aiming to improve customer satisfaction, to ensure continuous trust, and to achieve social contribution.

  • As part of our social responsibility

    We strive to accurately assess the impact of our business activities and services on the environment while setting appropriate environmental targets and working to achieve them.

Company Overview

Trade Name THK Precision Co., Ltd.
Location THK Techno Center 2F, 4-9-16 Higashi-kohjiya, Ohta-ku, Tokyo 144-0033, Japan
Contact TEL.03-5735-5086
Representatives Akihiro Teramachi, Chairman and Representative Director (President and Representative Director, THK Corporation)
Katsuhiko Iida, President and Representative Director
Established January 10th, 2002
Capital 50 million yen
Number of Employees 12
  • Director Kyoenobu Hoshino
    (Managing Executive Officer, General Manager, IMT Business Division, Industrial Equipment Management Group, THK Co.)
  • Director Kaoru Hoshide
    (Managing Executive Officer, General Manager, Engineering Headquarters, Industrial Equipment Management Division, THK Co.)
  • Director Toshiro Higuchi
  • Masaki Kimura, Corporate Auditor
    (General Manager, Corporate Planning & Management Division, Corporate Strategy Headquarters, THK Co.)
Largest Shareholder THK Corporation
Bank Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ, Gotanda Branch
Business Activities Development, manufacture and sales of industrial precision machinery and mechanisms, including precision positioning devices using piezoelectric actuators, as well as manufacture and sales of sensors and electronic components

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1999-2002 Japan Science and Technology Agency (now Japan Science and Technology Agency) Pre-Venture Project
Jan. 2002 Established Nano Control Ltd.
March 2002 Head office relocated to Minami-Oi, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
April 2002 Reorganized as Nano Control Co., Ltd. and started manufacturing and sales of "centering actuator" and "fine movement stage unit"
Nov. 2002 Began commercialization and sales of "Focusing Positioner"
June 2003 Began commercialization and sales of "coarse / fine control stage unit"
Dec. 2004 Commercialization of "Ultra-precision Machining Stage"
June 2005 Commercialization of "Multi-Axis Controller"
Feb. 2006 "Force Sensor" is recognized as a successful development project commissioned by Japan Science and Technology Agency
Oct. 2006 Commercialization of "Force Sensor"
Oct. 2006 Commercialization of "Nanostep Slider"
July 2009 Capital and business alliance with THK Corporation
Dec. 2010 Head office relocated to Nerima-ku, Tokyo
May 2013 Commercialization of "Micro Force Sensor"
June 2013 Commercialization of "Precision Motor Stage"
Nov. 2017 Head office relocated to Higashi-kohjiya, Ota-ku, Tokyo
April 2018 Commercialization of "Piezo Motor Stage"
Sep. 2019 Changed company name to THK Precision Co., Ltd.