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Impact actuator

This product is an electronic hammer intended to move the workpiece (object to be moved) by applying a striking force to the workpiece by rapidly elongating a piezoelectric actuator. It can be applied to uses such as the fine position adjustment of a temporarily assembled part or rotation centering.

  • Positioning of a temporarily tightened part
  • Precision press fitting
  • Centering of a disc or rotary part
  • Lens centering
  • Oscillation source
  • Adjustment of the optical axis of laser optics
Impact actuator
Model number PP102 PP103 PP104

Impact force Small Medium Large
Maximum displacement[μm] 9 17 35
Maximum generated force[N] 850
Controller / Driver
Type Exclusive for a single-axis use For connecting with multiple axes
Model number SD301 SC1000 + ST1000 + SD101C

Major features
  • 1 actuator can be connected for driving.
  • The controller and driver are housed in 1 case.
  • Price reasonable.
  • This consists of 3 units: a handy
    terminal(ST1000), a controller(SC1000) and
    a driver(SD101C).
  • Up to 8 actuators can be connected.
    Driving axis switching and intensity setting can
    be easily performed by using
    the handy terminal.
  • RS232C interface is available, so command control by
    PC is also possible.
Number of connectable actuators 1Axis 1~8Axes
Interface External I/O RS232C
Power supply AC100V ±10%, 50/60Hz
Power consumption 50VA 62VA

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