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These are controllers intended to drive and control piezo stages. The controller, in which a control circuit, a driver and a displacement sensor amplifier are integrated, is directly connected with a piezo stage to provide closed-loop control. High-accuracy positioning with no hysteresis or creeping is achieved.

Having all functions required for precision positioning

A “feedback control substrate,” a “low-noise driver substrate” and an “ultra-high resolution sensor amplifier substrate” are compactly modulated together and installed in the controller.

Multiple methods for a position command from a higher-level device are selectable

Since an analog voltage IF (0 to +10 V), a serial IF (RS232C), parallel IF (16-bit) and a USB/LAN are prepared, the customer can select an interface that is easy to use according to the purpose or use.
※Options vary with models.

Type of controller Name of series Feedback method Number of axes for connection Control interface Features,guidance for selection
Analog circuit controller NCS6000 P, I 1Axis 【Standard equipment】
・Analog voltage(0~+10V)
②Parallel( 16bit)
③Limited-function serial(RS232C)
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Inexpensive
  • Many choices for the control interface
NCS7000 P, I, D
NCM6000 P, I 1~3Axes 【Standard equipment】
・Analog voltage(0~+10V)
  • Multiple axes are housed in one case.
  • Another axis can be added to the vacant slot.
  • Lower cost than using three units of the single-axis type
NCM7000 P, I, D
Digital circuit controller NCS8000 P, I, D Single-axis type only 【Standard equipment】
・Analog voltage(0~+10V)
・Pulse input
  • The PID gain can be adjusted via the computer
  • Equipped with multiple control interfaces as standard
  • With an input/output trigger signal, capable of responding to the synchronization timing

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