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Piezo Stage

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Piezo drivers

These are low-noise drivers designed to drive a piezo stage by applying a voltage. They can be each used as an external power supply in cases where the current is inadequate for an open-loop operation or with a driver contained in the controller.

Two methods for voltage output

  1. ①Manual
    The user can manually adjust the output from 0 to 150 V by turning a “BIAS ADJUSTMENT” dial on the front panel. The output voltage value can be checked on an indicator*.
    * An indicator of PH103 is optional
  2. ②External control
    If an analog voltage (0 to 10 V) is input to the “Input” terminal on the rear panel, the input voltage will be amplified by 15 times to 0 to 150 V, and the amplified voltage will be output. Driving according to the waveform or frequency of the input voltage can be achieved.

By output currents, three types: “standard-capacity,” “medium-capacity” and “large-capacity” are selectable from.

Model number Type Number of connectable axis Input voltage Output voltage Output current Monitor output Power supply Size
Average Peak
PH103 Standard capacity 1Axis 0~10V 0~150V 40mA 500mAFifteenth part of output voltage AC100~120V / AC200~240V 
PH301 Medium capacity 1A ±5A AC100V ±10%,50/60Hz W260×D314×H139
PH601 Large capacity 2A ±10A W320×D384×H156

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